Helping a generous community share its food resources

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October 1st to 10th,

Thanksgiving Food Drive October 1st to 10th,

Home isn’t just where the hearts is, it’s where our community is centred. And if our families suffer from food insecurity, we all suffer.
It’s Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful and giving in the same breath. These are the most challenging days the London Food Bank has ever faced in its history, but we operate within a remarkably caring community. We gather. We share. It’s what we do, what we’ve always done.
In this Thanksgiving Food Drive, let’s give not just because we can, but because it’s who we are. Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
— Glen Pearson

Things to Consider

Things to Consider involves various food bank personnel writing blogs about food issues faced by food banks across the country.

Join Glen Pearson as he chats with various community leaders about the subject of poverty and what can be done about finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems like homelessness, affordable housing and food insecurity.

Food Bites airs weekly on Rogers TV London


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